GS-35b HF Amplifier

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Rear view of the amplifier shows the cast aluminum T/R relay housing and jumpers. All coax connectors are "N" type on heavy braided RG-214 coax. The large 110VAC blower keeps the tube running cool and is relatively quiet. It pressurizes the lower deck, pushing air through the air socket opening and on through the plate radiator. To the right of the blower is a large 9-pin Cannon 28 2009-53 connector often found on Military Surplus Electronics. The 110VAC, B+, B- and remote switching of the power supply travel through this connector. It is a large, well insulated connector. All wire leads are run through a 4' long heavy wire braid that terminates in a large connector on either end. This effectively shields the wiring between the amp and power supply for safety and bonds both devices together. The PTT connections are just to the right of the connector.

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