GS-35b HF Amplifier

HV Power Supply
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The 3400 / 4000 VDC power supply was built into a surplus military radio case with casters added to the bottom for easy move ability. The high voltage transformer visible at the bottom of the case was recovered from a working BC-610 transmitter. It is quite large and weighs in at about 100 pounds, plenty of power for the GS-35b. It has 2 input taps "LO" and "HI" and will yield 3400 / 4000 VDC after the filter caps. The High voltage side of the transformer is center tapped allowing the diode board to be wired in Full-Wave configuration. The original vacuum tube rectifiers were removed and replaced with the solid state rectifier. The diode board is made up of 2 sets of 20 - 1000 Volt @ 3 Amp diodes in series with resistors and .01F caps across each one. Below the board is the main power relay. Also visible is the large bleeder resistor to drain the oil-filled filter caps. High voltage rubber covered leads carry the B+ and B- out to the amp. The AC power is supplied via a dedicated AC circuit installed with #10 AWG copper wire from a 30 Amp breaker in a sub-panel.

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